Our street food

How did we started our family street food in London

Zarela (perseverant ), Genoveva (artistic ,strong) and Pocho (relax calm chico) are a hard working team who come from the deepest darkest Peru. Zarela went to Germany and worked in restaurants then came to the UK where she worked in a casino for several years in the catering industry. Later she worked in a bridge club in St John's Wood where she was in charge of the cooking area. Here is where she realized that many customers loved her seasoned food and sauces, and with the 100% support of Andrew the business started to kick off.

Our street food is fast, tasty, fresh, healthy and nutritional. The First Street Peruvian food was born in Camden Market London in the coldest time of winter 2008, It was a big challenge to survive in a windy rainy weather with a small number of customers, however we survived. We are very passionate and proud of what we do. The compliment we get from customer from over the world is what drives to be better in our food. People come to us through word of mouth.


To offer a high quality food with the seasoning that makes our food a truly wonderful Peruvian experience at reasonable market prices.


Peruvian food's mission is to become the premier fast-casual dining experience. This will be accomplished by offering the real authentic dishes using Peruvian seasoning (Sazón Peruana) also to promote Quinoa.

Company Summary

Peruvian Food Limena has a strong background and proven success in preparing this aliment, the founder has an extensive experience in the events business.

Recently has participated in:
- Thames Festival Potter Field event. 5 & 6 Sept.
- London Zoo Summer event from June to end of July.

Taste our food in The Globe Marylebone and Portobello Green Market